Jamie and Manon's Day with Sir Chris Hoy

Two lucky pupils tell us about the day they got to interview Sir Chris

On Friday 25th of September we met Sir Chris Hoy. We were very nervous on the bus journey going into town to do the interview. We re-read our questions lots of times to make sure we knew what we were asking. We arrived at a big office on Lothian Road and were met by Judy from the charity.

We went into a big room and met Sir Chris Hoy for the first time. He was very smiley and chatty. We had a bit more time to look over our questions before asking. We had planned our own questions which was really nice of Judy for letting us do that. The sound guy got us sorted with microphones and we got started. We both took turns asking questions and Sir Chris gave us very detailed answers.

He told us about how he wasn’t always the best cyclist growing up but it was his hard work that got him to where he is today. He told us all about his school days, time at University and all about his successes. When the questions were complete we went outside to get lots of pictures with the castle behind us.

It was an amazing experience and one I would love to do again. We both feel that Chris has inspired us to work hard in everything we do and that if we put time and effort in we can achieve what we want. 

Jamie and Manon,2nd Year
Castlebrae Community High School, Edinburgh